Goblin Tribes

The swamp goblins from Highlands Miniatures are a fantastic range of hooded robe wearing, mushroom chewing and frog herding goblins. They make a fantastic collection in their own right, but also sit very nicely alongside other goblin miniatures with a similar aesthetic. This makes them a great choice whether you are looking for a new army project, looking for a proxy for an out of print model, or just want to expand your existing goblin horde with some alternative miniatures to add variety to your army.

Grubnax and Croakulus

Grubnax and Croakulus Swamp Goblin hero and his pet frogThese fantastic characterful models are designed by Highlands Miniatures and is from their Apr...

Steppe Goblins regiment

A regiment of steppe goblins, including command modelsThese models have modular weapons and can be armed with either spears or hand weapons.

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