Sunland Empire

The Sunland empire figures have a renaissance feel. Landsknechts, Puffy sleeves, black powder and plate.  

Arcane Cannon

Arcane Cannon and crew, with or without war wagon/altar Requests: This listing contains various options including the arcane cannon alone, or with the...

Arquebusier Unit (Old)

Empire HandgunnersA regiment of state troops with HandgunsPlease note that a new version of this unit was released in July 2023 and is available here:...

Dwarf Pikemen

Landsknecht style Dwarf SpearmenA regiment of dwarf pikemen. Perhaps these dwarves are citizens of the empire, recruited to form dwarven militia units...

Empire Long shooter

Sunland Empire - Long riflesAn engineer or captain armed with highlands long rifle, adept at picking out enemy heroes and other prime targets.

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