Robert the Gallia

Highlands Miniatures

Robert the Gallia

Robert the Gallia

Chivalric lord, prince or duke, mounted on his trusty hippogriff

Suitable for use as proxies for several wargames. Particularly heroes or generals for armies with a medieval/Arthurian/bretonnian theme.

Scale: If you require the models to be scaled differently, please specify this in the order. If you are unsure what scale you need please contact me and I would be happy to discuss, or provide pictures of the minis next to other figures for comparison. Please note that these figures are designed with 32mm scale in mind, there can sometimes be a loss of some of the smaller details when printed at smaller scales.

Requests: I can print any model from Highlands Miniatures, and hold the relevant licenses to sell these models, so if you want something and can't see it listed, please contact me directly. If you want something from another designer and can't see it listed, please contact me directly as I may well have, or be able to obtain the licences.

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