We are happy to accommodate special requests from our customers.

In all cases please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Below is intended as a rough guide of our policies regarding some of the common types of requests.

There is also important information relating to requests on this in our "FAQs",  "guide to scale", "Refund Policy" and "Terms and conditions". 

Requests for specific models when ordering an item which is made up of multiple models.

EG. "I would like to order the unit of 10 goblins, can they please all be goblins 2 and 3?" or "I would like to order 10 random shields but can I not have  the one with a dragon on it please".

Within reason we are usually happy to accommodate such orders provided that the specific models would usually be part of the set ordered.

Requests for substitutions of models.

EG. "I'm ordering the unit of 10 dwarf veterans, but can I substitute the Captain for the captain from the dwarf miner regiment" or "Im ordering the '5 core troops' option, but can I swap three of these troops for the command group, because you do not have an option for a unit of 5"

It depends on the request. We aim to be flexible, so if the request is reasonable (eg, the models substituted are roughly equivalent in price etc, as in the first example above) we will usually accommodate it. However if the models substituted are not equivalent (such as in the second example above), then we may decline the request, or offer an alternative solution (eg we may create a new bespoke listing and price to cover your request)

Requests for printing at alternative scales

We are happy to print miniatures at custom scales. We generally find that in such cases it is best to discuss these requests directly to ensure we produce exactly what you are looking for and avoid disappointment.

As a general rule, we anything within about +/-20% of the 'native' scale is relatively straight forward. We will not usually go smaller than this, but we can go larger.

Making models smaller will often negatively impact the detail on most models (although this is offset by the fact that as the detail is smaller and harder to see anyway).

The STL files we use have been scaled and had their supports optimised for printing at their standard scale. Any change in scale entails extra work in terms of re-scaling the models, adjusting the supports, and potentially repeating this process if the print fails first time.

Making models smaller will not reduce the price. This is because while it does use less resin per print, it also requires more work, and is more prone to print failures. Therefore any savings are often more than offset by the time taken to re-scale the model, re jig the supports, and often re-print it if it fails first time, as well as the resin wasted on failed prints.

Making models larger will increase the price.

Models printed at alternative scales may not be refundable (see our refunds policy)

Requests for designing bespoke models

Our in-house skills are modest compared to some of the amazing artists out there, some of whom we are fortunate enough to work with and be able to print their work. However we are happy to discuss your requirements for designing bespoke 3d models. Each request would be considered on a case by case basis, and it may be that we are not able to assist (particularly if your request is quite complex or ambitious). 

Examples of the sort of things we have produced in response to requests include some various bespoke shield designs.

Usually when the request is relatively simple, or in line with our existing plans (eg a new shield design), then we will not charge extra for the design work. However if the request is likely to require a significant investment of time or is not felt to be in line with our current priorities for developing new designs, then we may require a non-refundable fee up front.

Requests for printing your own STLs

We are happy to provide a printing service for customers, provided that the STL files in question have been legitimately obtained with an appropriate license and are for your own personal use. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

In such cases we are strictly offering a printing service of your own STL files. It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain the files legitimately and have the right to get them printed.

Please note we have a zero tolerance approach to piracy. If we suspect that you do not have the right get them printed then we reserve the right to refuse printing services, or to request further evidence such as proof of purchase, a link to a page where the designer states they have made the file free for personal use, etc. If we subsequently discover that files have been obtained illegally, or without an appropriate license, then we reserve the right to bar customers from future custom printing requests. 
In such cases we also reserve the right to cancel any such printing services currently in progress and not yet dispatched, without refund. This is because the fee paid is for our time in processing the request and printing the models, not for a finished product.

Also please note that as we are charging for a service rendered rather than a finished product, the fee in this case is not refundable because the service has been rendered to you at the point that we attempt to print the files you provide.
We attempt to print all files to the highest possible quality, and aim to meet the same quality control standards that we do for our other models. If a miniature does not print well, we will attempt to make adjustments and re-print within reason, However we are also unable to accept any responsibility for the quality of the final product where this relates to issues with the design of the STL file provided, or the scale requested. Therefore if we are unable to produce a perfect print from the files provided, we will dispatch the best prints possible.