Kingdom of Gallia

The kingdom of Gallia is a range of figures with a medieval/Arthurian feel. Bold knights, backed up by men-at-arms and peasants.


Bombard available deployed (with or without crew), and in transit (hauled by two horses)

Broken Trebuchet

Broken Trebuchet terrain piece from highlands miniaturesThis finely detailed piece can be used as scenery, or as a unit filler. It is designed to fit ...

Cleric With Relic

A cleric carrying a holy relic from highlands miniaturesThis character miniature can be used to add some variety to your units, or for dioramas etc.

Crusaders and reliquary

Grail Reliquary and pilgrims A unit of pilgrims accompanying their reliquary, armed with swords or spears.These fantastic characterful models are desi...

Female Knight Heads

A selection of 8 female knight heads from Highlands miniatures.These are intended for use with all of their Gallia knights ranges, but are compatible ...

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