Grail Pilgrims and Reliquary

Highlands Miniatures

Grail Pilgrims and Reliquary

Grail Reliquary and pilgrims 

A unit of pilgrims accompanying their reliquary.

These fantastic characterful models are designed by Highlands Miniatures

They are suitable for use as proxies for Kingdom of Equitaine and several other wargames.

Options: This listing contains options for the whole unit or individual models. The reliquary comprises of the reliquary itself and its bearers and is designed to be mounted on a single base. The full unit comprises of this reliquary group, and a number of individual pilgrims. To keep things simple the reliquary is counted as 6 models when ordering your unit (as this is the number of 'bases' it usually takes up when based on a rectangular base and ranked up).

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