Forest Dragon

Forest Dragon design some of the best 10mm fantast wargaming minis out there

Baleful Carriage

A vampiric coach with coffin.Part of the 10mm scale Vampires range form Forest Dragon.The carriage is provided as a single piece, and also with the op...

Despoilers Characters

A set of chaos characters from Forest Dragon.The full set consists of seven models.Included in this pack are:Demon lord (C1)Sorcerer on whirlwind (C2)...

Despoilers Chariots

A regiment of Despoilers Chariots from Forest Dragon. (10mm scale)3 Chariots are supplied,These chariots are supplied as single piece miniatures with ...

Despoilers Dragon

A Two headed chaos dragon from Forest Dragon.The dragon is available ridden by either a lord or a sorceress, or with no rider.

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