Q - Can you print a product at a different scale?

A - Yes. We are happy to print at a custom scale within reason. Each case will need to be discussed directly, but in general the following caveats apply:

  • 3D models are optimised for a particular scale
  • If printing smaller:
    • There may be some loss of definition of smaller details. 
    • Thin parts may be especially delicate.
    • It is not usually practical to reduce scale much smaller then 80% of the original. Our general cut off is 25mm scale for a standard 28/32mm scale mini
  • If printing larger:
    • Some detail may appear overly chunky (though in our experience, this is not normally an issue for most customers)
    • The only real limitation is the size of the printer. In general terms it is easier to scale models up than down.
    • There may be an additional charge if scaling a model up more than a few percent.
  • Refunds and returns.
    • We are unable to accept requests for refunds or returns of re-scaled items where the reason for requesting the refund is covered by any of the above caveats. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Q - I want something printed at a smaller scale, why does this not reduce the price?

A  -  Quite simply the reduction in resin used is more than outweighed by the additional time taken re-scaling the models, re-optimising the supports etc. Sometimes prints fail and need to be re-printed, although this is a normal part of 3D printing, it is much more common when models are re-scaled.

Q - There is a model by one of your designers but I can't find it on your website. Can you print it?

A - Usually Yes. In general our commercial licences allow us to print the full range from each of our designers, so if the model is by one of these designers then we can print it, even if you cannot see a listing for it. We try to keep the website up to date and list as many products as possible, however if you can't see the item you are looking for, please contact us. 
In some cases this may incur additional costs to us in obtaining the STL file if we do not have it already. Usually this cost is not passed on to the customer (especially where the request forms part of a larger order).
Very occasionally we are unable to obtain the STLs, or it is not commercially viable to do so. 

Q - There is a model by another designer that I want, are you able to print it for me?

A - It depends. Please contact us directly with any such requests. If we can obtain the files and a commercial license, then we can print it for you.
Please note this is not always possible, some designers do not offer commercial licenses, or strictly limit the number they issue. We have a zero tolerance approach to piracy, so if we cannot get the license then we cannot offer them for sale.
It also needs to make commercial sense. So it also depends on how much obtaining the licences and files would cost, in relation to the amount of interest we have from customers. We are always interested to hear what designers our customers like, and if there is enough interest in a particular designer then we will likely try to add them to our range.  If we have multiple customers requesting the same designer, or if you want to make a reasonable sized order from a particular designer, then we will try to obtain the relevant licenses.

Q - I have an STL file, can you print it for me?

A - Yes, we are happy to provide a printing service for customers, provided that the STL files in question have been legitimately obtained with an appropriate license and are for your own personal use. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.
In such cases we are strictly offering a printing service of your own STL files. It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain the files legitimately and have the right to get them printed.
Again please note we have a zero tolerance approach to piracy. If we suspect that you do not have the right get them printed then we reserve the right to refuse printing services, or to request further evidence such as proof of purchase, a link to a page where the designer states they have made the file free for personal use, etc. If we subsequently discover that files have been obtained illegally, or without an appropriate license, then we reserve the right to bar customers from future custom printing requests. 
In such cases we also reserve the right to cancel any such printing services currently in progress and not yet dispatched, without refund. This is because the fee paid is for our time in processing the request and printing the models, not for a finished product.
We attempt to print all files to the highest possible quality, and aim to meet the same quality control standards that we do for our other models. If a miniature does not print well, we will attempt to make adjustments and re-print within reason. However we are also unable to accept any responsibility for the quality of the final product where this relates to issues with the design of the STL file provided, or the scale requested.

Q - I have something in mind but I cannot find a model for it, can you assist in finding and sourcing STL files for me?

A - Potentially. We are happy to search through our catalogue and those of the designers we work with to suggest models that may be suitable. We can also search for other models and attempt to obtain licenses. Or in some cases we may be able to design a suitable model ourselves. However each request is different, and it also depends on the complexity of the request, how busy we are at the time, and the commercial viability.

Q - Can you print specific components of a model for me?

A - Yes, Please contact us directly if you cannot see a listing or option for what you are looking for. It depends on whether the component is available as a separate 3D model. Pricing will depend on the quantity requested. 

Q - Can you print a unit with a different unit composition or specific models?

A - Yes. Usually we can do this free of charge, within reason. Contact us to discuss your request.

Q - I have a particular shield design in mind, can you produce it for me?

A -  Yes. As a general rule we can combine our own shield designs in any conceivable combination even if you cannot see a listing for a particular combination. We are also always looking to expand our shield range, and regularly add designs in response to customer requests. Usually there is no additional charge for new designs based on our existing shields.

Q - Can I purchase your STLs from you?

A - No. We do not release the files for any of our own designs at present. These are one of our USPs and also our best sellers. We and our many customers feel that our prices are very reasonable. Without going into the boring details, our business model currently is built around providing physical products not STL files, and it does not make economic sense for us to sell the files. There is also the aspect of piracy to consider and as soon as we release a file into the wider world we sadly cannot guarantee that it will not be illegally distributed. As a business we can neither afford to have people steal our IP or spend hours of our lives trying to chase illegally shared files and get them removed.

Q - Do your models come with bases?

A - By default, unless otherwise specified in the listing, most models do not come with bases. However 'base toppers' (eg rocks that the model is standing on etc.), are usually considered part of the model rather than part of the base and so will be supplied. This is regardless of what is displayed in any pictures or renders of the model.
In some cases models come with two options, one for the model alone with no sceinic base topper (or just a small one), and one option with a larger scenic base/base topper.  In these cases both options will usually be listed with different prices. 
In some cases it is not possible or practical to provide the model without it's base, (eg the feet or legs and the base are a single piece, or the feet are posed in such a way as to only fit on the scenic base designed for it.), in these cases this will usually be made clear in the listing.
There are a couple of reasons for not supplying bases by default. Firstly it keeps costs (and therefore the price down), secondly there is so much variation in what size and shape people want, adding options for all these to the listings would double the length of each one. Thirdly, a lot of customers are buying models for armies they have a already started and want all their bases to match. However if you do want to buy bases to go with your models, we can produce a range of both plain and textured bases.