Crusaders and reliquary

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Crusaders and reliquary

Grail Reliquary and pilgrims 

A unit of pilgrims accompanying their reliquary, armed with swords or spears.

These fantastic characterful models are designed by Highlands Miniatures

They are suitable for use as proxies for Kingdom of Equitaine and several other wargames.

Options: This listing contains options for the whole unit or individual models. The reliquary comprises 3 individual models on a single base. The rank and file models are all available to be armed with either with swords or spears. The reliquary and command models come with set weapons.

The reliquary is supplied with a textured rectangular or round base. The model is designed at 32mm scale, and the base does have small holes/depressions for some of the models feet. If ordering 28mm scale please note the following:
If the round base is selected, this will be scaled down in proportion with the model so that all the holes for feet etc match up.
If the rectangular base is selected this will be kept at full scale to ensure that it is 40x60mm and ranks up with other 20mm bases. This means that the 28mm horse feet will not match the positions on the base for them, and so a little work may be required to make it fit. eg drilling new holes/pinning/ covering the small depressions with a tuft of grass etc.

Unless otherwise specified the other miniatures are by default supplied without bases in order to keep costs down as we find most customers prefer to use generic plastic bases. However if you wish to request 3D printed resin bases for the rank and file troops to match the reliquary, these can be produced for a small additional fee.

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