Anti-Piracy Policy


1. This anti-piracy policy sets out how The Plastic Clinic uses and protects intellectual property and strives to prevent piracy.

2. We are committed to ensuring that our intellectual property, that of the various talented 3D artists we work with, and of the wider community is protected at all times.

3. We may change this policy from time to time by updating this page and so you should check it regularly to ensure that you are happy with any changes.


4. The Plastics Clinic currently does not offer any 3D files for sale.

5. Files provided to the plastics clinic by 3D sculptors are only used in accordance with the relevant licenses. For example those provided with a limited commercial license will only be made available for sale while that commercial license remains in place.

6. Physical models and prints provided to customers are intended for personal use only.

7. Customers may not commercially re-sell any products purchased from ourselves.

8. Customers may not attempt to re-cast, 3D scan, or otherwise duplicate (either in physical or digital form) any of our products. Doing so infringes the intellectual property rights of the original designer. 


9. Where a customer provides a file to us to print for them, we are strictly offering a printing service. Any monies paid to us represent fees for this service only.

10. Any files provided to us by customers for this service will be stored separately from files we have purchased ourselves, and will be used solely as required for providing the printing service to the customer.

11. It is the responsibility of the customer requesting the 3d printing service to ensure that these are legitimately obtained, and that they have the appropriate licenses/permissions to have these files printed for their personal use.

12. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that this service is not abused, and we may ask customers to provide proof of purchase of the 3d files they wish us to print for them, or a link to the license agreement etc.

13. We retain the right to refuse printing services to any customer we suspect to have obtained the files illegally.

14. We may share customer details with 3D sculptors in order to verify that they have the appropriate permissions.


15. We along with many of the digital artists we work with operate a zero tolerance policy on piracy.

16. Where a customer is found to have illegally obtained or shared files, we will bar them from using our 3D printing services, and may ban them completely from purchasing our products. 

17. We may also share their details with other relevant parties to allow them to protect themselves. This may include other 3D printing services who may also block the customer from using their services, as well as 3D designers and sculptors who may bar the customer from accessing their 3D designs.