About Us

We are a small but rapidly growing 3D printers bases in Buckinghamshire UK.

I have over 30 years experience of model making, painting and wargaming.

Our business is built around selling things that we would want ourselves. Most of our 'own brand' products have been designed by myself in response to something I found I needed for my own hobby. Our range of 'own brand' products focusses mainly on spare parts and conversion pieces to add character to your models. Our range is growing all the time (albeit slowly as I only have so much time to work on it, the list of ideas for products is currently growing faster than I can make them).

In addition to our own brand, we print models under license from various designers. Again these designers are carefully chosen as models I would want myself. We think our designers reflect some of the the best quality and style out there. We are currently expanding our range of design partners, but doing so judiciously. Our approach is to add only the best, rather than simply buy a merchant license for every 3D designer out there.

We think that 3D printers are a big part of the miniature hobby, and are here to stay. The combination of digital design and distribution, with home (or small scale) printing has led to an explosion of creativity. Never before have hobbyists had access to so many amazing designs, easily and quickly available at such low cost. However not everyone has the money, time and space to run one. Most people just want to focus on the aspects of the hobby that they already enjoy (whether that is gaming, painting, or modelling), without having to mess around with nasty chemicals or learn 3D sculpting. Fortunately you can have your cake and eat it, because even without a 3D printer, we aim to give everyone access to the main advantages of 3D printing.