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Clawed Fiends

A unit of huge lumbering daemons.This unit of daemonic warriors form lost kingdom miniatures make a great centrepiece for your daemonic army.

Explorer Ratmen Set 1

These cybernetically enhanced rats scavenge for tech in the far future. Part of the Mechrat army from VInci Miniatures' Dark Future range.This listing...


A unit of horned daemons.This unit of daemonic warriors form lost kingdom miniatures make a great addition to your daemonic army.The "unit of" options...

Orc Boar Riders

A regiment of Orc Boar Riders from Forest Dragon.6 strips are supplied, (4 rank and file, one banner and one command, enough to make 3 bases)There is ...

Sunland Altar on Wagon

A mighty war altar, from Highlands Miniatures.This model is highly customisable, The horses connection to the wagon is suggested by the chains, which ...

Sunland Cavalry

Sunland Knights - Heavy cavalry.Mighty knights of the empire's knightly orders, encased in full plate and riding barded warhorses.

Sunland Landsknechts

Empire Regiment with greatswordsA regiment of the empires finest warriors with Zweihanders. With the exception of the model holding the sword in two h...

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Clanrats Regiment

A regiment of clan ratmen warriors armed with shields and either hand weapons or spears.Please note that the "full regiment" options include a random ...

Dwarf Pirates

Dwarf Slayer pirates - Highlands MiniaturesThere are 12 Separate models, including standard bearer, musician and champion.The champion id available wi...

Noble Elf Dragon Riders

A pair of Noble Elf dragon riders from Forest Dragon.This terrifying duo have an almost overwhelming number of options. Firstly, you can choose whethe...